News At A Glance #8

‘It is said that within the past 40 years only one man has ever made good his escape from Dartmoor.’

The Nelson Evening Mail, Tuesday, June 22, 1909


The Queen of Sheba once threw up in the lap
of the king of Denmark.

Slovenians are too polite to invent their own

No-one likes 5ps.

It is writing that produces criminality.

Nobody is in the waiting-room of Special Bra-
nch for any innocent purpose.

We English retain to this day the lion’s share
of Italy’s gratitude.

Bach goes on too much.

James Douglas ‘Jim’ Morrison was born in Me-

You can’t make a fire when the wood’s all wet.

Gilgamesh has hot unconquerable gateposts.

You can spot Europeans by their shoes.

George Herbert and Zbigniew Herbert are rel-

Running only gives the bull more power.

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