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Queen Mob’s Teahouse is an international online literary journal dedicated to writing, art, criticism—weird, serious, gorgeous, cross genre, spell conjuring, rant inducing work. 

We’re committed to creating an online platform that melds the social with the creative. A platform that speaks to your cravings, fantasies and heartbreaks; your daydreams from your lunch break; your good and bad choices; your contradictions; your process.

We have published interviews, essays, poetry, art, video, music, letters, lists, quotes, jokes, fiction, excerpts and more.

We’re here so we can show you what’s next. 

Queen Mob’s Teahouse is an indie/zine curated by volunteer editors. We’ve also a hardcopy book out, Queen Mob’s Teahouse: Teh Book. QMT is ad revenue free, and we are unable to pay our writers. Rights remain with authors, and we appreciate mention as original source if republished elsewhere.

We post new work regularly throughout the week. Editors work independently of one another, and response time to submissions may vary depending on category and editor. For more information on editors and submissions, click on editor’s name below.

QMT was founded in 2014 by Russell Bennetts & Rauan Klassnik.