News At A Glance #3

‘So lately as 1902 Lieut. Boyd Alexander discovered 32 new species of birds in Fernando Po.’

The Nelson Evening Mail, Monday, February 18, 1907


Healthy Caucasians are required for a
clinical experiment.

The first three words people learn in
Yiddish are ‘grandmother’, ‘potato’,
and ‘sweatshop’.

The People’s Republic of China is now
the longest-lasting communist state.

18-year-olds New Zealanders don’t
know what ‘trivial’ means.

It’s just a small step from saxophones
to switchblades.

The appeal of the University of Iowa to
an Iowan father of five is pretty much

Roxy Jacenko’s new book never fails to

Last year, ‘MILF’ was the 5th most searc-
hed-for term on PornHub – by women.

There are few men now left who have
actually been present at the burning
of widows.

The petroleum is hurting the sea.

There are 26 state-of-the-art baseball
diamonds in Central Park.

Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski cont-
ributed to MAGA.

With great beauty comes great resent-

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