News At A Glance #2

‘The Inquisition cost Spain between three and four millions of her most intelligent and progressive population.’

The Nelson Evening Mail, Friday, September 7, 1906


The Forth Bridge was built on a disused York-
shire railway line.

The Marseillaise was composed in Strasbourg.

Roosters do not in fact crow just at dawn, but
throughout the day.

Sexting among the under-18s is lowering the
rate of actual sex.

The following countries would all fit inside
Brazil: Nepal, Mongolia, Guyana, Tajikistan,
Angola, Laos, Venezuela, New Zealand, Italy,
Guinea, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Portugal, Haiti,
Israel, France, Germany, Finland, Spain, Switz-
erland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland, Denmark, Senegal, Ecua-
dor and Hungary. (Trinidad and Tobago would
also fit in Finland many times.)

De Selby has some interesting things to say on
the subject of houses.

Tonbridge School cricket club has its own letter-

African American film director Spike Lee has
died at the age of 95.

November’s not the time for rainbows.

In mid-Victorian times it was not done to men-
tion trousers in the presence of a lady.

At the 29th session of the peace talks there was
no progress.

Fox News makes $1.5bn profit each year.

The library will be closed until opening time.

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