News At A Glance #5

‘A curious stage convention insists that an Irishman, whatever his position, must speak with a pronounced brogue, and a Scotsman with a strong Scots accent.’

The Nelson Evening Mail, Monday, July 30, 1906

61% of employees have generally felt happy
at work in the last month.

Poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
named their first-born ‘Pen’.

More people are killed each year retrieving
change from vending machines than by wolf

This year, GP appointments over Christmas
are available in your area.

The island nation of Sri Lanka has two prime

No child should dream of being Richard Daw-

November 9th is Shakespeare Authorship Mys-
tery Day.

An ‘arshin‘ was a Russian measure of length
approximately equivalent to 71 centimetres. A
pood‘ was a measure of weight equivalent to
16 kilograms.

There is no shortage of medals in the Italian

All eyes are on BTS (and their story of pain and

The local name for Armenia is ‘Haïastan’.

Alan Titchmarsh took his wife on the Orient

Men are rarely complimented.

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