Remember, Remember the… 8th of November

To commemorate the second anniversary of the record-shattering, unimpeachable, and universally-acclaimed election of Donald John Trump as 45th President of the United States of America™, this Thursday Queen Mob’s Teahouse is proud to bring you the first instalment of ASH Smyth’s new(s) regular round-up, ‘NEWS AT A GLANCE’.

  • The Johannesburg press is offering a big prize for translation, into Dutch, of Britain’s national anthem.
  • A married Viennese man cannot make balloon ascents without the say-so of his wife and children.
  • And Hindus won’t sleep with their noggins pointing North, as they believe that doing so might lower their life-expectancy by many years.

Inspired by these and other glories from New(s) Zealand’s weird, wonderful, and tragically-defunct The Nelson Evening Mail (1906-9, approx.) – indeed, by all that old-school newswire-type freewheeling one might once have feared we’d not enjoy in this, our own connected and corrected age – ‘NEWS AT A GLANCE’ will bring you all the news that’s fit to sprint through, around the world and across the entire socio-political ink-slinging spectrum: from fact, to ‘fact’, to well and truly fact-up.

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