Videogames and Loneliness: Super Mario Bros. 3


it’s not like the shoreline changes in any stretch of
km. what you bring does, how you look. symbolically
water cleans but i got so much skin to scrape it’s
impossible impatiently. it’s about tact: the lead-up to
the question invites an answer, increasingly
manipulates opinion, always tenuous presentation.
skill of oration underrated in reality game-play. what
good is a view if limited duration? ha, that’s it:
sameness qualifies adjacent qualifies the element
that bends along a line extends. mood aggressively
categorizes perception where evaluation reflects the
gaze with which the viewer enters: mirror-reversal at
every look-out tells more journey than arrival, a
slender footnote of small consequence, skipped in
honestly rendering fatalistic experience, in other
words the thing: motion transports meaning: stillness
illusion mocks cuz silence notices the only reflection-
point in retrospect & as such vigorously shades
everything possibly beside, rendering essence
impossible & thus uninteresting.


a.m. kozak is a social worker in Ottawa.

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