In Bed With Scott Manley Hadley


I used to sweat a lot
In my sleep
But then I started exercising
And not taking drugs
And the night sweats (and the chest pains)
Went away.

So, too, did anything to write about.


Sometimes I go to bed to read,
Sometimes I go to bed to play,
Not for a long time
Have I gone to bed with food.

I remember hangovers with boxes of pizza and crumbs in the duvet,
I remember tangled sheets and lost socks,
I wish I could forget
The constant constant constant nightmares.


My bed is not
A quiet place, even with the windows closed.

I wouldn’t want
A bed
That was silent.


Scott Manley Hadley blogs at and his debut poetry collection, Bad Boy Poet, was published November 2018 by Open Pen. He is Satire Editor at Queen Mob’s Tea House and is on Twitter @Scott_Hadley.

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