Mid-season Pitch: “Pinto & Pinto”

(the unlikely friendship between two very different beans)


  • These beans are cops!

  • One of the beans lost his family in a burrito.

  • One doesn’t speak — he’s the straight bean.

  • The other pinto bean is a laugh riot!

  • Make them wear adorable little police hats.

  • High ratio of beans/episode.



Simon Pinkerton is a writer living near London and formerly of Minneapolis. 
He writes short-stories and humor and is a contributor at McSweeney's, 
Maudlin House and Absrd Comedy amongst others. He doesn’t have any pets 
goddamit—his kids would ruin them. Please find him @simonpinkerton on 
Twitter and read his blog at www.simonpinkerton.tumblr.com

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