The Dream is Hired!


(regarding the hiring of Seth Abramson)


Dream Hire

constantly called upon to temporarily abrogate hard-won emotional truth

metamodernism brings such calibration to the forefront

students will benefit across the disciplines


the best American: attracted considerable attention, just by virtue of being alive

the best deafness to the high cost of language

Best Best Best!


cum laude: far too high a price for the utterance

none of us is in a good position to determine which language is difficult

Cum Cum Cum!


in other words . . .

greater rhetorical awareness: the paradox faced by language-users

virtually no one actually understands the principles


he feels a murderous rage toward his community but swallows

to rescue language from a perversion of language

from social media to blog posts: any way that content can be delivered


excellent record: whatever idiosyncratic means

extraordinary record: he is trying as hard as he can

others can’t guess at and therefore don’t know unique generosity


more creativity to speak definitively on unspoken thoughts of absolute strangers

art can be delivered: free of logical fallacies such as the ad hominem

how much personal discomfort or even offense can we stomach


when he gets here?


* The University of New Hampshire at Manchester has hired metamodern film star (Dumb and Dumber 3) and public intellectual, Seth Abramson, boasting it to be "a 'dream hire' for any university lucky enough to hire him." Queen Mob's Teahouse joins the celebration of this announcement with this collage poem remixed from the texts of the UNH Manchester PR Announcement and Abramson's own work.
** This poem seeks to answer no questions, merely to bring attention to the issue: a public intellectual has found employment. In the traditions of conceptual and metamodern poetry, I took publicly available poems and a press release and simply cut, disassembled and then reassembled phrases and words. I did not editorialize. I altered the texts for my own personal delight. Perhaps people feel uncomfortable knowing that I sit around all day in yoga pants, laughing at my own tweets.
Source Texts: UNH Manchester PR Announcement, "Poem for Kenneth Goldsmith," "Poem for Kenneth Goldsmith #2," and the introduction preceding the poem "The Last Words of Mass Murderer Elliot Rodger Remixed Into Poetry"

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