The Queen wants to feature you Reading in the bath or shower

It’s a well-known fact that reading in the bath or shower is good for you!

(and good for The Queen. and good for others! a real win-win deal, really!!)

So, the Queen wants to feature YOU reading great Literature in the bath! (Poetry’s ok too, I guess). You could read Moby Dick. You could read from The Bible. You could read stuff from a living author (Indie or Alt Lit might be ok, even).  You could read something you wrote but, yeah, it better be really good/interesting.


 So, anyways: to submit just upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and then send the link to The Queen care of other [at] queenmobs [dot] com.  Or just tweet it at us here ..... and, though video is preferred (with audio) the Queen will also consider photos/drawings/selfies/whatnots.

nothing pornographic, plz :)



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