ISSUE 3: Sean Kilpatrick



and, of this video, Sean provides a “little mistranslation bit of the opener of the Canto” (Maldoror)  :

I’m of a stank that pasteurizes lice. Pigs puke me from their sight. When I wank the cowering raindrops, singsong port a potties mushroom from my enormity and each and every parasite earns a throne. I’m their girdle for a century. This coronary ribbit tickles me under daffodils of grease, leaky keloid, I dare not say heart. Dogs try my Gnosticism dick first, chief. Jellyfish timecode my diaper with lavishing high fives. I’m tall as any eunuch, born to revoke evolution’s charity of a spine. Yes, yes, constipation has made me an athlete, an athlete with tentacles.

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