1 Question With Vlad Savich

How do you deal with Putin in your plays?

I prefer to call the Russian tyrant ‘Huilo’.

My plays are not specifically about Huilo. Rather, my plays are about the Russian mentality that gives birth to various Mr. Huilos.

I have a play called Investor. It tells of officials ready to sell their native land for the sake of money (these pieces of paper).

I have a play called Year of the Pig which features a relatively honest (although it is impossible to be honest in Russia) man who gets sent to a mental hospital for his honesty. He’s replaced outside with a double.

I have a play called Father’s Diary. In the play, the city authorities hide a serial killer because he’s an important party functionary.

My plays are a continuation of the tradition of Gogol’s plays. Laughter through tears.

Vlad Savich is the author of Go, Contex, Go!

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