C. C. Hannett / kmwgh’s Lockdown Life

coronavirus book deal

silver rock
& mercury water
everything else is cardboard
crayon drawings of
differential renditions of dawn
& dusk;
dungeons & dragons
& dungeness
why not throw a little moose
into the mix, call ‘em
a viking camel
it’s funny how one may project
and another may perceive
or categorize what’s heartfelt
funny as in humorous,
funny as in strange
i’ve become so familiar
and accepting of this body
yet feedback has placed detail
on what is misshapen,
prizing it a clinical name
selling it or spinning it
as something prestigious
though i know it’s chronic,
not dope, though,
no, not dope
i mean chronic
like i’m stuck
with this shit
my entire life


can you be the new mtv

i’ll be the astronaut on the moon,
watching you on television
bouncing in the blue sand

moon gumby offers me
a little tea as a treat for my labor

i waive my right to it
because spending time
with you is incredibly special
& i don’t want to lose it in the fog


notes from the bunker /
uncomfortable music

______ delivered to our door
varnished in purell

we crawl back into our
mess of a duvet

where only one %
make it to salami

plans for today strike whips
against the navigation of our hands

plans for today:
a home without hands

a piece of pizza floats
by string

safety culminated;
free to ingest, sans serif =

the transferable properties
of mere death’s eastwind

calculated bites, extracted
w/ surgical need

i’m fixated on the
ozymandias, incubated

allowing the maximum passage
for a perfect storm

a year-cut night
of pets 2

have you seen it?
it’s an animated feature


C. C. Hannett / kmwgh loves cheesesteaks and Madonna GIFs. He is the author of I Gave This Dream to a Color, Triune, SAGA ctrl, and DMMTHL (Spuyten Duyvil) + chapbooks w/ Shotgun Wedding and Horse Less Press. The founder & editor of @rlysrslit. Interviewed by Entropy Mag, his work has been placed with Silent Auctions, The Night Heron Barks, Softblow, DREGINALD, Gramma, Juked, South Broadway Ghost Society, FIVE:2:ONEThe Operating System, Dream Pop, etc. You can find him if you want to.

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