Calling for: poems and essays of the #NeverTrump Resistance

Fathom Books is beginning to compile forceful content for the paper anthology PYRAMIDS ROSE OUT OF OUR PAIN: poems and essays of the #NeverTrump Resistance. The project is born of a commitment to endure creatively, yes, but also of blank and unwavering resistance to the leadership of a climate-denying, bigoted, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, anti-queer billionaire and his lackeys.

This is a call for poetry and essays by people of color, queers of every stripe, women, stringent environmentalists, Muslims, animal rights activists, evolutionary biologists, and immigrants who unapologetically oppose the erstwhile campaign, lifestyle, and potential policies of Donald Trump.

This is a call for poetry and essays by anyone strongly allied with the above groups in their repulsion and refusal.

This is a call for poetry and essays by anyone deeply affected by the election of Trump, whether or not you consider yourself a writer.

What we’d like to receive from you—

Our interest at Fathom is dire, acid, experiment, Neo-Gnostic, Other. Please feel as though you are truly extending yourself in your work. We want specifically:

—The rare ‘political’ poem or essay that honors its art-duty first—does not descend into ad hominem or mistake itself for an editorial or Facebook post. (See this and this.)

—Work that beats with resilient spirit specific to the troubles of our contemporary moment.

—Work that never mentions Trump himself. Or work that mentions him so boldly we have no choice to but to abandon our reservations.

We are as interested in celebrations of the lifestyles and bodies threatened by the alt-right—queer love poems, aubades to pregnancy, ruminations on ‘blackness’ or ‘brownness’—as we are pieces recalling the election and its aftermath outright. A paean to the so-called ‘miserable,’ ‘crime-ridden’ black communities of Chicago is as powerful an attack on the alt-right as any on Trump himself.

What we do not want to see is—

Light verse, talk-poetry, common memoir, self-centered diarism, or low diatribe.

Our time is short, since we’d like to publish the anthology by early spring, 2017. We must receive all potential contributions by 12/31/16.

Submit up to ten pages of poetry, or essays not exceeding 3,000 words. Previously published works are perfectly acceptable; simply make a note about their status in your submission.

Please share with all those you believe worthy, and help us cast our net wide.

Love to the musician Jenny Wilson for her outstanding title.

To submit, click here.

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