Call for Submissions

Jasminne Mendez, essays editor and senior contributing editor, is seeking the following work:

  • Essays (long form or flash) on just about anything, but particularly craft essays with a new perspective or from the view point of POC and other marginalized persons on how to cultivate and maintain a writing life and your writers craft in today’s political and cultural climate.
  • Essays that have an intersection of pop culture, social media and literature, or POC in academia, publishing, the arts, etc.
  • Creative Non-Fiction that experiments with form, content or style.
  • Prose that maybe has had a hard time being placed elsewhere.
  • Think/opinion pieces on race, culture, identity, current events with some kind of literary twist or theme.

Send your submissions to: jasminne [at] queenmobs [dot] com.



ImageAnt & Carrie Coleman via Flickr (cc)

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