Happy Poo Year!

Yes, you read right: POO.

2020 will be the year of Poo, as QMT is ecs-SCAT-tic to announce our next book project, a collaboration with TRUTHER PRESS with the working title: An Anthology of Writing About Poo.

A full year of #fecalfriday.

We are looking for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING:

Poetry, prose, essay, horror, humour, screenplay, erotica, photography, review, painting, whatever…

All we ask is that the content is about poo.

No formal limit on length: send in a single haiku or a novella about a sewage worker. We are keen for a caca-cophany of content.

If you have any writing or visual art about poo that you’d like to see inc-poo-ded in a book that will likely be available in ZERO physical bookstores, then please submit your poo-tentially appropriate artwork to trutherpressbooks@gmail.com,

Have a look through QMT’s #FecalFridays archive for ins-poo-ration.

We have yet to decide on a title for the anthology, so feel free to make a suggestion with your submission.

Current ideas include:

Poo Become One

It Had To Be Poo

From Me To Poo

Who Do Poo Think Poo Are?


#FecalFridays Teh Book

Scat To Be Perfect

I Sh*t You Not

I Sh*t Poo Not

Poo Are You?

WATERPOO: At WaterPoo Napoolean Did S-poo-rrender

The anthology will be edited by QMT’s Satire Editor, Scott Manley Hadley, and contributors will include [at least] Jonathan Swift (yes, the old dead one) and – unless he changes his mind – Berfrois’ own Ed Simon.

Also, feel free to suggest any out-of-copyright scatological writing that you think would fit, too. There’s got to be something in Shakespeare and Chaucer, right, at the very least. Maybe Edgar Allen Poo?


SUBMIT NOW!!! (to trutherpressbooks@gmail.com)

TRUTHER PRESS is a satirical print-on-demand publisher whose first book, Because Earth Is Flat, was the rightful winner of Burning Eye Books and Bang! Said The Gun’s 2019 Dan Cockrill Prize for Best First Collection or Pamphlet. The book was unfairly disqualified due to literary scene backstabbing from anti-truth sheeple. The book contains full-frontal nude photographs. Learn more at www.trutherpressbooks.wixsite.com/home

Scott Manley Hadley is Satire Editor at QMT and was ‘Highly Commended’ in the Forward Prizes for Poetry 2019. His publications include Bad Boy Poet (Open Pen, 2019) and My Father, From A Distance (Selcouth Station Press, 2019). He blogs at TriumphoftheNow.com.

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