In Bed With Tammy Ho-Lai Ming



I had a weird dream the other night, possibly inspired by the Brexit vote. In the dream there was a referendum about whether books should be universally banned. In the end, more people voted for the motion than against it, and so the world became officially bookless. In this new order, I belonged to a secret group, very much like in Fahrenheit 451, who memorised texts, and turned ourselves into walking and breathing books. But not all members could choose which books to read and become. And so I was assigned to be porn. And regardless of which members in the secret group came to me to release my book memory, I had to oblige.


I had a dream that some might consider sexy. In it, I applied to be a high-end escort and on the application form I ticked ’SM possible’. So I was given some training. The male instructor made us watch some SM-inflected porn, and then ordered us to take off our clothes. I noticed that the other women were wet, aroused by what they’d seen. I, instead, found myself bleeding (in reality I was having a heavy period) so I said I am sorry but I cannot go on because it is my time of the month. Upon hearing this, the trainer, beaming, said, ‘That is great. You and I can do something very special indeed. I will teach you.’ I got very scared and uncomfortable, and said that I was suffering great period pain (I was in real life as well). And so I fled, ran as fast as I could out of the training barn and onto the grassland. With each step, my blood stained the white and yellow flowers.

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