MISFIT DOC: Essays in the Age of Demagogues

How to look better in selfies than your dying friend

Real estate, real cheap: Kicking old people out of their homes

That time I abandoned my dog, an adventure for us both

Best camera angles for live streaming a forest fire

Stealing can be fun, profitable

Ponzi Schemes: Don’t let the name scare you off

Undercooked food, or overlooked opportunity?

I brought a knife to a gun fight and it turned out just fine

Let your kids play with matches, and other advice for cool parents

How to tell your best friend his wife is way out of his league

I lived it: My neighbors paid me to watch their house, and I never left

One weird trick to stay thin [parasites]

How to find the best parking place for leaving your kids in the car

My husband’s health problems conflict with my lifestyle brand

It happened to me: I saw a homeless person on my way to work

Teaching is a zero-sum game

Your therapist is a liar, here’s how to tell

Reproduction and women’s rights: let a man explain it for you

Marissa Maciel is a writer and illustrator; her works are listed here.

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