MISFIT DOC: Your high school boyfriend started a women’s blog

  • Nine Old Fashioned Myths About Women That Hold Up, and A New One We Just Thought Of
  • Lines From Movies Where Your Boyfriend Can Do The One Accent That He Knows How To Do
  • How To Set Up Amazon Subscribe & Ship for your Pads and Tampons, Never Ask Him to Get Them Again
  • 8 Transformers You Must Name Your Kid After, and The One You Should Never
  • We’ll Tell You What Beers Taste Good, So You Don’t Have To Drink Them
  • The 10 Household Appliances You’re Gonna Want for Your Birthday
  • Bisexuality – Hot In Movies; Is it Hot IRL? A Poll
  • Powerlifting Stances Guys Use When Flirting
  • Foods To Make That Show You’re Fun (Nachos!)
  • Does Talking Quieter Help Him Listen? An Investigation
  • You’ll Never Believe What This Hot Woman At the Gas Station Said About Your Boyfriend’s Truck
  • Some Cool Bands You’ll Really Like, You’ve Just Got to Listen to their Entire Discography
  • We Asked Some Guys: What’s Hot Now?
  • Does Your Mother Really Need to Like Him?
  • He Doesn’t Fail At Things On Purpose, It Just Seems Like That
  • We Asked a Magic 8 Ball if You Should Have Kids, The Answer Will Surprise You
  • Do You Really Want to get Married, Or Do You Just Want a Big Party? A Quiz

Evan Johnston is a writer, designer, and illustrator. Evan has contributed work to The Toast, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and Berfrois.  @evn_johnston
Marissa Maciel is a writer and illustrator, with works published at The Hairpin, The Toast, Queen Mob's Teahouse, and McSweeney's Internet Tendency. @standardtuber

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