MISFIT DOC: #BlackHairBonus #BlackHairBust

Coming to terms with my hair in 24 tweets


Who needs hairspray? #BlackHairBonus

“Relaxing” doesn’t always involve a martini #BlackHairBust

Clipping your keys to your hair when you have no pockets #BlackHairBonus

I could be the world’s sneakiest jewel thief #BlackHairBonus

Hair pat-down in airport security ?  #BlackHairBust

Memory #1: woke up missing my retainer, searched thru sheets & under bed, found it in my hair #BlackHairBust

Searching for a hairpick in that sweet spot between comb & farm implement #BlackHairBust 

Halloween full of possibilities: lion, Tina Turner, Bride of Frankenstein, Thing 1 & Thing 2 (sibling required) #BlackHairBonus

Memory #2: college, midnight fire alarm, stuffing pockets w/curlers I’m ripping out of my hair as I evacuate dorm #BlackHairBust

Your friends never lose you in a crowd #BlackHairBonus

When a white friend gives you a beautiful but tiny hairclip that will break into a million pieces if you try to wear it #BlackHairBust

Memory #3: every date on a humid night (I’m looking at you, Pacific Northwest) #BlackHairBust

First world problems: Having to relax your hair to fit into your ski helmet again #BlackHairBust

This maverick skipped the hair iron today. Death to tyrants! #rebel #liberation #BlackHairBonus

When you walk into a salon and they offer you the menu from the take-out place next door (this gon’ be a while…) #BlackHairBust

Budgeting: Do I fill up the car or buy the only shampoo that doesn’t make me look like a poodle? #BlackHairBust

How is it my “bad hair day” photos get the most likes? #BlackHairHuh?

#BlackHairBust in the rain—again, looking at you, Pacific Northwest

When you have to order your shower caps online because they’ve stopped carrying “super” at the store #BlackHairBust

Me: “I’m moving, so this is my last visit.” My hairdresser: “Oh, Imma miss de Bush!” #BlackHairUmmmmOkayThanks

The less you mess with it, the more compliments you get #BlackHairBonus

The day you finally tell your hair iron to go $&%^ itself. #BlackHairBonus #AllGoodInTheHairHood #victory

#BlackHairBust Took decades to appreciate it but…

#BlackHairBonus …learning to love it and all the stories it holds


Bio: Tara Campbell is a Washington, D.C.-based writer. With a BA in English and an MA in German, she has a demonstrated aversion to money and power. Her other publication credits include Barrelhouse, Punchnel’s, Toasted Cake Podcast, Luna Station Quarterly, and Masters Review.


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