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Hair people want to interview! (Wendy C. Ortiz)



I don’t brush my hair. Or, I do, but maybe only once a month. No one wants or needs to see it brushed.

I know hair can be ruled by hormones. I have proof. My hair was never as curly as it has become in my adulthood. Friends from childhood have seen me as an adult and wondered how my hair got so curly. I’ve wondered the same. Then I remember, (hormones). I also lost chunks of it after giving birth. It all came back. Maybe more.

One person in the world has trimmed my bangs in the last dozen years and may she continue to trim them for the next dozen. Amen.


Changing Hair (Ann Marie gamble)


ann marie


I had straight hair until I was fourteen. It took about a decade after the shift to stop doing what straight-haired people do to their hair–mine just wasn’t going to be smooth and neat no matter what–but I didn’t figure out full-on curly for at least another decade. I can braid it and it will stay in without a clip. I can hold a bun together with a pen (which turns out to be a handy way to store pens). I can’t wash it every day or it gets crispy and impenetrable, although more like a bramble patch than dreadlocks. I massage in a handful of official leave-in conditioner or unofficial hand lotion or cooking oil, and shampoo it out an hour or a day later. Regular conditioner every day. The official products have too much fragrance in them (or curly hair, which is more porous than straight, holds a lot of fragrance). Walnut, almond, grapeseed oil–do some grooming and then make a salad.

When my hair was changing from straight to curly, I tried to get it to do things: curl away from my neck, say, or not stick out so much. After a few minutes or hours, though, it would go back to its natural lie. The stylist who got it straight used three products and a flat iron. The plus side is that I can wear a bike helmet or a stocking cap or forget to pack a hairbrush, and it doesn’t have much effect on the result.

My hair is turning gray now, which means its texture is changing again, corkscrewy strands sticking up from the rest of the waves. I’m still a little surprised to see it–curly and salt and pepper–but here it is under this lighting too, and that Instagram filter. I’ll give myself another decade to adjust.


is that yr Natural colour? (Heather Cromarty)


heather collage
My hair is dishwater blonde naturally, so I’ve been dying it various shades of red since I was 19.  For a few years in my mid-20s I had a whole banana-yellow layer (attached) and people would STILL ask if that was my natural colour. O_o

Because it grows really long and is a bright colour complete strangers often touch my hair, like it’s not attached to me. Randoms touching me is gross and weird. Admire from afar, randos!

I was on a plane to Houston one July and the woman in the seat beside me said, “Oh the humidity there is going to curl your hair!”


“I’m telling you, it’s really that humid.”

“I believe it’s humid, but my hair doesn’t curl.” People apparently envy my lack of curl.  I, of course, just want glorious Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge hair.

My hair does crimp pretty well, which was handy for gothing in the 90s.

I had the same hairstyle from 1993 to 2012, when I got bangs.  I’m not good with change.


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