Send us your reviews of books, films, theater, the bodega downstairs from your apartment.

We are looking for unique, critical, compelling reviews of all kinds of work.  Don’t hesitate to send us a new take on a classic, or a less than classic.  We love reviews of small press books, music, and films.

Writing reviews is the best way to fight against all those things you don’t like, all those lit & media that you think are crap and to defend all of those books, all of those films, that you think mean something.  Anything.  Reb Livingston makes a pretty good case for it here!

Intertextual, mindbending, off the wall takes on work is appreciated.  Encouraged even.  We are willing to publish multiple reviews on a work as well; dissenting voices can only expand our take.

Reviews can be formal or in the style of 25 Points.  They can also be in the form of a letter to the author, or to your best friend.  They can be videos, songs, comics.  Critical work ought to be as creative as literature.  Read this article by Jarrett Earnest over at the Brooklyn Rail for more on that.

Here are some items we would love to see reviewed.  But it is only a (very) partial list.  Don’t feel at all limited.

  • Daughter: Not to Disappear [Glassnote]
  • Savages: Adore Life [Matador]
  • Suede: Night Thoughts [Suede Limited]
  • Bloc Party: HYMNS [Infectious/BMG/Vagrant]
  • Ra Ra Riot: Need Your Light [Barsuk]
  • Santigold: 99¢ [Atlantic]
  • DJ Shadow: TBA [Liquid Amber]
  • Glass Candy: Body Work [Italians Do It Better]
  • M83: TBA [Mute]
  • Eats Everything: fabric 86 [fabric]

We welcome complete reviews as well as pitches. Go on, send us an email.

Questions and queries, etc. can be sent to: Ruben Quesada

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