Poets Online Talking About Coffee: Amanda Earl

What’s the vibe in Ottawa tonight?

On verge of federal election…. We’re angsty.

Stephen Harper not that popular amongst Canadian poets?

He says with a smile.

Would you say that you’ve always been a fan of whimsy or is this a recent thing?

For as long as I can remember. I blame Lewis Carroll

The coffee says: DRINK ME.

& I become invisible.

Oh, oh— which celebrity bedroom would you sneak into?

is to eavesdrop on peoples’ conversations for writing fodder.

drat, i should have said time travel. i’d probably find celebrities

tiresome. i wouldn’t mind a peek at Jean Cocteau’s bookshelves, record

collection. or just to sit quietly & nurse my absinthe while Kiki played

at some boite in Montparnasse…

What was the last poem that you had published?

last poem i had published is one from my manuscript, the Gorey Subtext:

there is a creature more powerful than the Quiingawaga

who can snap the neck
of a youngster or abuse its mind

Emma visits a so-called friend
in her tidy suburban house

but avoids the basement
and the attic for good reason

the flowers in the garden
are well tended

but Emma pricks
her finger on a thorn

& wonders if like Briar Rose
she will sleep

for many years only
to be woken by a

handsome sycophant riding
a giant stallion to compensate

What was the last poem that you wrote?

last poem i wrote is one for my birthday today, which i posted on tumblr…

soliloquy on a dark frosty morning w/ promise of lightning

hummingbird drunk on red synapse
vibrato galore kindred heartyearn
shoefaded wanderlust no grandiose
bubbly fete required just a moment
of breath say a prayer of gratitude
cue cellos & autumn leaves pink
sunrise crisp solo morning caprice
of the chef black feather lake glass
dried woad shards of bone tarnished
silver spoon sated via illogic leaps
blessing of love & dear friends
an aerie to view the darling city
in slow motion turn from green
to cold twenty four hours painted
in layers of vermilion cochineal rose
madder scarlet & listen…..    glisten

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