Poets Online Talking About Coffee: Ginger Ko

A sluggish coffee or a glowing tea?

Oh gawd, probably sluggish tea? Coffee gives me heartburn. I brew my own tea, but always forget about it steeping and come back to a lukewarm tooth squeaker potion. That I then have to warm up in the microwave. My tea tends to be very tar-like.

Jade crockery or ghostly cardboard?

Jade crockery! I just googled it, to see if it’s A Thing, and was reminded of my terrible wedding registry. No one wants to buy us books or dog food (my chief expenses), they want to buy us household experiences. If you’d like to give a poet a gift, please give some cold hard cash-monies–please! We get object-as-perk plenty during our writing lives.

Lonely bean or sodden leaf?

Bean is the loneliest number, so I choose leaf.


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