Paint Your Teeth #29

PAINT YOUR TEETH vol. 29: down alley in tokyo red-light district, down long narrow stairs, well below street level, sweaty basement live music, creepy lady stardust, knife attack, electro-hurdy-gurdy duo, medieval robes, dance-or-die girl in only t-shirt, experimental hip-hop vocal, chug cheap tall-boy beer, baby-faced noise princess end in death growl, stockings torn, fourth vocalist now gone, bassist & guitarist backs turned to audience, free-form power onslaught, bang metal, guest drummer, great drone pain groove, will bring all that neon crashing down on our heads, new lace girl with whip, sweep-in black magic torture, bare-fisted punching fuzz boxes, rip out plugs, fuck off!, two bassists & one drum, funeral and light garage on fire, squeal for choppy joy, she in circles, everyday mermaid, boys like wrongly wired robots, kicking up knees.


PAINT YOUR TEETH was founded in January 2009 by American writer David Hoenigman (Burn Your Belongings –2010 Jaded Ibis Press, Squeal for Joy –2015 JIP) who continues to organize the event.


paint yr teeth 29 2nd collage


suggested viewing:  PAINT YOUR TEETH the movie & PAINT YOUR TEETH short documentary

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