Paint Your Teeth Comes to Queen Mob’s

PAINT YOUR TEETH is a live event held every two or three months in Tokyo, Japan. Originally billed as “a night of experimental music, literature and dance,” participants and attendees have long ago abandoned any allegiance to terms that might make the proceedings more easily intelligible to the uninitiated. PAINT YOUR TEETH vol. 28, held January 17th 2015, included: an axe-wielding giant rabbit, a thundering gimp-masked drummer, a flying-V destroying green skull, a mysterious cat-woman, battling butoh dancers, extreme free-jazz, a hyper-interactive female dance troupe, a noise music elder statesman, bunny-eared cheerleaders, a horror film queen force fed a box of donuts, bullying lolitas, a creepy boa-wearing lounge singer, a sexy Ginsberg-spewing diva, a goth-post rock power trio, instrument-swapping thrash-infused Stooge boys, and a Kermit-like emcee in bizarre pink ceremonial garb.

PAINT YOUR TEETH was founded in January 2009 by American writer David Hoenigman (Burn Your Belongings –2010 Jaded Ibis Press, Squeal for Joy –2015 JIP) who continues to organize the event.


editor's note:  clips and photos from Paint Your Teeth events will be a regular feature on Queen Mob's. In a few days we'll post up goodies from #28! .... stay tuned..  and keep your teeth ready, and painted!!   :)

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