Amalia Ulman: Stock Images of War


Video trailer for artist Amalia Ulman’s solo exhibition Stock Images of War, which opened at James Fuentes in New York City in January of this year.


“Stock Images of War is…about our lack of empathy, how we torture each other and how war is adulthoods’ favorite game.”




Amalia Ulman is an Argentinean-born, predominantly Spanish-raised artist based between the cities of Los Angeles, London and Gijon. Her works are primarily voiced in the first person, often blurring the distinction between the artist and object of study. The aesthetic is clean, minimal and translucent. The recurring imagery - pearls, butterflies, hearts, coffee art, household ornamentation, and motivational slogans evoke mundane prosaicness with an undertone of possession, seduction, anxiety and insecurity. Ubiquitous, everyday objects are observed as unearthed treasures concealing exotic truths, viewed from a furtive, almost voyeuristic vantage point. In a multidisciplinary manner, she charts a soft-toned exploration of the relationships between consumerism and identity, class imitation and social deception, altruism and orientalism, with a particular focus on the idea of “cute” and “pretty”. She is a feminist.

Recent press:
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