Alexandra’s Hair ….

destroyer of vacuum cleaners, recreational noose, keeper of secrets, purveyor of circus sideshow income, afferent antenna, European artistic ideal circa 1400, winter anorak, conversation piece, icebreaker, trademark, temporary, crumb pantry, sticker holder, velcro of the forest floor, enchanted, regenerative, magnetic, mating plumage, inherited, bequeathed, archival, comforting, bestower of headaches, liability, creative crown, emergency dental floss, talismanic, what children notice, dream tentacles, fantasy, fetish, compostable, undyed, alive, power, filaments of planetary motion, thick, post-apocalyptic cordage, difficult to comb, consumer of resources, low maintenance, reliquary of braided incantations, identity, inedible protein, notable, my head’s talent, graying, occupier of fidgety fingers, protection, umbrage, disguise, future ashes, offering to faeries and standing stones, my own metonymy

much thanks to Alexandra Courtesan
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