Trevino Brings Plenty: Indian Taco Nation Rising


One mission – Indian Taco.
Taco fixings, Fry Bread, consume.



Some commentary from the artist:

With most of my projects, it’s a simple idea. Sometimes just a joke.
Then I get to making it. This video was to film someone eating an
Indian Taco under six minutes. I wanted to score it with dramatic

One thing I’ve notice when watching people eat - they have quirks.
Granted this video is dramatized with exaggeration, there is something
compelling about it. The other aspect I have about this piece is it’s
an Indian eating a large meal in one sitting. It’s an exoticized
Indian eating.


Trevino L. Brings Plenty is a poet and musician who lives, works, and writes in Portland, OR. He is singer/songwriter/guitarist for the musical ensemble Ballads of Larry Drake. He has read/performed his work at poetry festivals as far away as Amman, Jordan and close to his home base at Portland's Wordstock Festival. In college, Trevino worked with Primus St. John and Henry Carlile for poetry, studied with Tomas Svoboda for music composition, and Jerry Hahn for jazz guitar. Trevino is an American and Native American; a Lakota Indian born on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, South Dakota, USA. Some of his work explores the American Indian identity in American culture and how it has through genealogical history affected indigenous peoples in the 21st century. His titles include Ghost River (2014), Real Indian Junk Jewelry (2012), and Shedding Skins: Four Sioux Poets (2008).

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