Top Ten Underground Funnies Posts of 2014

Here, in no particular order, we present to you, the best 10 posts from our Teahouse Underground humor series. In the Underground we deign to thumb our noses at the Queen and her humorlessness and that’s just what we did in 2014. It was hard to choose, but we think these 10 represent the best and funniest of what the Teahouse Underground has to offer.

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  3. The Annual Impractical, Exorbitant, & Slightly Sanctimonious Gift Guide by Evan Johnston

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  7. Senior Theses From François’ Avantgarde School of Mixology by Jean-Luc Bouchard

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Oh…so we only had two Underground Funnies posts in 2014? Hmmm. What do you want from us???? We just started!!!!


We’ll have more in 2015. To make sure of that submit to us (underground[at]queenmobs[dot]com). Guidelines here. We’re always reading regular subs as well as for upcoming theme weeks.


Here is another post (not an Underground post) from 2014 well worth reading: 400 Years a Slave: The Enduring Pain of Police Brutality and Unequal Justice by Sufiya Abdur-Rahman.


Have a hilarious 2015 from the Underground Funnies Team!

(The Ghost of ODB, The Ghost of Richard Pryor, The Ghost of Mark Twain, Rion Amilcar Scott*)

*Not his ghost. Yet.



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