MISFIT DOC: Tribute Acts & A Redub of Collectives

Tribute Acts


Conversing Craniums – Talking Heads

Rodentia – the Rat Pack

Scat Pack – Frankie, Dino, Sammy again (jazz improv)

Dinosaurus – Dean Martin solo

Ferrousity – Metallica

Thatcherites – Iron Maiden ironized

Little Rigid Bland – LRB

Macca Tack – Paul McCartney

McArtist – Paul again

Lunar Lupus – the Beatles (the Moon Dogs years)

All that Glimmers – the Stones

The Lost One – Chet Baker

Sappho’s Sisters – k.d. lang, Melissa Etheridge duo

Hail of Guano – Flock of Seagulls

For Your Ears Only – Roger Moore (voice impersonator)

Dedicated Followers – the Kinks

Rubber Plant – Led Zep

Zimmer Frames – Bob Dylan

Shine On – Syd Barrett

Steeling in the Years – Steely Dan

The Drinker You Smoke – Joe Walsh

Buffalo Soldiers – Bob Marley

Richey’s Remains – Manic Street Preachers (early years)

Corazon – Heart en Espanol

Los Milagros – Smokey Robinson et al en Espanol

Condemned – the Damned

Burnouts – the Drifters

The – the The

Definite Article – officially the the The tribute

Lemmings – Motorhead



A Redub of Collectives



slice of golfers

scattering of chaoticians

quark of physicists

chance of theorists

cure of physicians

plot of conspiracists

cutting of satirists

system of astrologers

rant of prophets

cavity of analysts

turn of grammarians

stat of demographers

margin of economists

tally of mathematicians

drone of accountants

feck of Irishmen

score of Lotharios

dervish of spinners

sleight of tricksters

scowl of coaches

grimace of concierges

politesse of receptionists

pose of models

sparkle of glitterati

growth of herbalists

hype of presenters

creed of acolytes

stymie of conformists

munting of ravers

yawn of ironists

dissension of dissidents

rark of antagonists

zero of minimalists




incendiary of heretics

implosion of bombers

angle of publicists

illusion of magicians

articulation of authors

aggregate of compilers

iteration of list makers


Gregory Dally has had poetry and fiction published in journals in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

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