My name is Kate.. 
I am very interested in hiring someone to come and clean my room/house – MOSTLY FOLDING LAUNDRY AND ORGANIZING IT once a week or once every-other week.
I live in a three bedroom condo with my Man. We are very busy, (and the chore I dislike the most is folding and ironing and organizing my clothes) one of the most timely and annoying things to me is… doing all my clothes.. aka; organizing and doing the little things.
—- The other day I hired a young lady… very sweet, nice, etc … But that does not do the job (although I will not have some rude person in my home) she took 7 hours to do a 3 hour job! The reason I am hiring someone to do these things is not because I can not do them myself (if it is going to take you longer than it would take me, as in: 7 hours to do a 3 hour job… than do not apply.) She was very slow and I understand it is per hour, so you want to make more $$$ but I can tell when it is half assed. (Sprry not trying to sound rude) on top of all this, she left my IRON on! could have burned my house down… my cat knocked it on the ground and I know have a burnt spot on my wood floor, and my home was almost on fire… Please just have common sense. 

All I need done is: 
Hanging up clothes (I will wash them myself) I do not have a HUGE closet…. I do like my things color coordinated, and all the things to nicely organized… (I clean my kitchen and everything else…. *Occasionally there will be times I would like the kitchen, bathrooms cleaned just depends. but defiantly hanging up clothes and all that.. I work so much, so it is much easier for me to just hire someone)
I would like someone to Vacuum my room, and pick up misc things. 
Make my bed nicely ( I will wash all my sheets act, if you could make it look nice)
Organize my shoes..
AS IN: putting away and organize little things, that I leave laying around during the week. 

As for the SOMETIMES chores:
Hang up and fold towels.
Scrub floors and tub.(a deep clean I mean, I will provide the supplies…but if you have some as well… would be great!)
wipe down counters
Clean toilet (never that messy at all, just want it bleached and very clean, that is including my tub as well)
wipe down windows (that include’s my bedroom windows as well)

All in all: just make my life easier. This is NOT a big job at all, tops it will take 2 hours a deep clean maybe, maybe 3… But, by no means do I live in a HUGE townhouse… This is average size. I am just a young in 20’s girl who work with school, and I like to hang out with my BF and not do all these little things… and can not stand doing my laundry and hanging it the way I like etc. And, also cleaning my bathroom so well)

This is a VERY simple job….. I will sometimes ask for you to help me with dishes (which there is hardly any, and misc tasks around the house … But NOTHING to big)
These are just annoying little things I do not like to do. I clean, and work a lot… so coming home to a messy room etc… cleaning that on top of everything else is just a headache. 
I do laundry about once a week (we have a washer and dryer in the unit) I do my own laundry, but I will be laying it out in the room for you to do. After the first time you will know how I like things (not rocket science, very simple)

The first few times… well mostly every time I will be home.. doing emails, and catching up on things I need to get done. But, once that initial TRUST is built than, I will leave from time to time. ( do not worry I will not be looking over your shoulder.. I can not stand that.. I was a many for years, and that was one of my pet peeves… Just be HONEST, laid back, and a good worker, that YOU will be great)


I will be here for the first few times, till I feel comfortable, but I will be in another room.
This is a normal size townhouse, three bedroom, three bath. But you will just be doing MY room and bathroom. 
I am willing to pay $13-17 (with a raise in time, if a good person)
This is only about a 2 hour job…And, I do tip… if a GOOD job is done. 
I am just in my 20’s and work a very stressful, high end bartending/serving job … So, I would like to have an extra set of hands to help me with things (very easy things)
I am a great boss/friend and I will be honest and great with you if you are great with me. 
*Random info* I just moved back here from Las Vegas (still travel back and forth for work) and I had a girl clean my house, I interviewed and met randomly this same way from Craiglist: She turned out to be great friend of mine, and just stayed with her two weeks ago at her house, while I was in Vegas, and we still talk/text… Not that I am expecting that nor looking for that, just giving an example that, this is a very, easy and can be fun gig/job.
This add is ONLY for a women… (SORRY guys, I just feel more comfortable with putting away my things.)

The usually weekly would be $40-80 depending on job and hours (+ tips sometimes, if good)

All I am asking for is: for you to come once a week or once every other week (seeing how it goes, dependent on how it all works out… I am good to you, if you are good to me.) Also, if possible the sometimes last minute random “could you come over’s, to clean… if company, or something random. I will not be upset if you have somethings else going on, we are all human and have lifes (:

I am looking for someone ASAP! as soon as even today… I will do a simple interview in a Cafe’ by my house (I live literally right by all the shops and cafe’s on Alberta, corner of Alberta and Williams) If I feel that you are TRUSTWORTHY and fulfill simple tasks… than YOU got it!
(If it could possibly happen today, it would just be clothes… I just moved back from Vegas and opened a bunch of boxes with clothes and have washed a ton of them, so just basic folding and some ironing…)

Show me what you got, shoot me a text or an email and let me know what you think you can do for me! 
I am extremely sweet, honest, and fun loving. I am typical women just busy with life and would be easier for me to just pay someone to do these SIMPLE tasks, than spend more of my time that I would like to have on other things, I just need someone who can help me out… and eventually become a possible friend. Also, some errands very seldomly I will request to be ran… ( as in: “could you pick this up on your way… etc.. copensated of course for that)

Thank you for your time, I hope to hear some respectable responses soon.

Thank you


No phone calls please – JUST text and EMAIL

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