1979. Girl yearns for adventure. Begins career as ballet costumer. Falls for composer. Finds him in bed with a man. Now what?

Disabled son’s in a home. Brother’s in prison. It’s been 25 yrs. I’m never going back to Dinoland. Then mother finds me.

Career? Check. Husband? Check. Baby for husband who happens to be prince? Um, not yet. Chill, Queen Mum, we’re working on it.

A boy snatched from the park one summer day. The brainwashed girl who helped kidnap him. Love. Lies. Stockholm syndrome. Murder.

A murderous angel, a woman who can see death coming, and the child caught between them.

A morality tale involving a troubled teen, ghosts, and a serial killer. It emphasizes doing what’s right over doing what’s easy.

Mercy wants a corvette not powers or to go to another world or to be on someone’s wanted list. Guess which one she doesn’t get.

Take the London Blitz and set it on a faraway planet. Then add telepathic aliens and a bad-ass bunch of women trying to survive.

Triplets Z, R, & M have dangerous psychic & physical gifts. When M is kidnapped, Z and R set off a space war to save her.

Sweet 17, Madison has never been kissed. A dig in Rome, a 100-kiss bet, & a modern-day Indiana Jones might change that.

Kaylie broke the one rule of Paranormal investigators, she fell in love with her subject AND he wants to go to Prom

Conley’s house speaks to him. But when it tricks him into freeing a killer dragon, he has to save Kansas City from the flames.

Spunky young dragon Andalucia has a plan: torch human princess, return home a hero. But start a war? Not part of the plan.

A reluctant modern day messiah and an insidious son of satan struggle over the soul of humanity.

Cynical writer becomes Mr. Right by applying lessons from 101 romcoms on real dates, never expecting to find love along the way.

Pizza for dinner? Think again! Pizza escapes his box to find that many adventures await an entree willing to take few risks

The Odd Couple meets This Is Not My Hat.

Frozen meets Narnia.


Little Princess meets Secret Garden in NYC.

Star Wars meets Shakespeare’s Tempest.

Kids are dying.

Charlie’s dead sister is back.

Meg’s dead father is back.

Why? To protect them. From what, they must find out.


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