……………RC Miller’s Motion Lotion……….

editor’s note: some of the video is nsfw


RC Miller’s ‘Motion Lotion’ Statement:

I approach the act of making videos with compulsory aggression and blissful ignorance. This “Motion Lotion” clipper is my attempt at visualizing an already excessively visual poem by ignoring images present within its written form.

All 3 parts of the video (image, sound, voice) were created days apart and each weren’t aware of their future mixture. I believe things work better this way. All 3 parts of the video were randomly inserted. I’m interested in connections without an obvious connector. I appreciate where everything falls. Sometimes I care about how.

Now about the visuals: they were pasted first. My main interests that night were Taylor Swift and ISIS so they became the base. Using my iPhone as a lens added an especially distinct voyeurism. I captured my sequence in repetitious egg salad. The video plunge surfaced as ISIS and Taylor Swift becoming one. Oh, and underwater porn! I was also a virgin once.

I listen to a lot of music. I think of myself as musical. I follow the routine of heroes like Jim Shepard and Angus MacLise. Again, controlled ignorance. The video’s music is a collage. Swami Kriyananda opens, followed by RC Miller on keyboards, drum beats, distortion loop, then slow-speed Linda Worster, Jeffrey Migdow, and near the end a bell bang influenced by Sun Ra. An app called BBBox 2 completes.

I read ‘Motion Lotion’ slowly because I didn’t know how to read it. I had no idea that what I wrote sounded like anything.


RC Miller lives in Metuchen, NJ. He is creator of Mask With Sausage, Pussy Guerilla Face Banana Fuck Nut, andDemon Drawings, all published by Gobbet. Miller maintains an art blog via http://visionblues.blogspot.com/ and you can check a couple more of his videos here and here.

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