what is there to do we could go to a protest or
that dead guy you saw me talking to was your boss
it’s like how do you write anything or get out of bed
but you know you have to / because you get to
and all the poets are talking about beauty
but what this is about / is the pronoun
darren wilson’s “it” / “it” was a name it was
a body now a symbol and the prosecutor smiles and
apologizes for being late to the stage and doesn’t
apologize for there being a stage
or for weapons and “it” having no weapon “it” without
gender or family “it” left on the ground “it” not worth being picked up
we are ready we are ready i am listening
to amiri baraka and wanting to be lifted
i want the pronoun to have a name i want the
place to have a shrine and how do you go
there if you have never been there

milk this is about milk like pour it on your eyes when
you’re crying and you will still be crying but a little less
maybe it will sting a little less like milk like mother
we all return in the end


all these protesters Obviously smell like weed says newscaster on
cnn i have been watching this for hours and only wish we were all high.

after live broadcasting for 5 hours she stops for a coffee break at 3 a.m. i pause with her but i don’t drink the coffee

After Toys “R” Us is looted many joke they did not know Toys “R” Us was still in business. Now, after I type this the only joke is the use of quotation marks around the letter “R.”

to suffer is to

Used by Darren Wilson. Shot six times. PISTOL, COMPACT, 9MM, M11 Issued to US Naval Aviation and key units in every branch of the Armed Services, the M11 is proud to serve. Upgraded with a stainless steel slide, a Short Reset Trigger and three 15 round flush fit magazines, the M11-A1 variant features the same phosphate coated internals, SIGLITE® night sights and MIL-STD UID label of the standard-issue M11. Specifications are subject to change.

she said we all began as people who were running, we were running from the wolf

The police retreat to the Qdoba on Grand Boulevard in South St. Louis, “as always” live stream reports.

what is blackness now a hole

My live stream is continually interrupted with a bell-filled advertisement for Command Outdoor Hooks & Clips. Just in time for hanging our holiday lights.

I have seen a lot of people share poems today. Poems are for the revolution or Times Like These.

iPhone 6 isn’t simply bigger — it’s better in every way. Larger, yet dramatically thinner. More powerful, but remarkably power efficient. With a smooth metal surface that seamlessly meets the new Retina HD display. It’s one continuous form where hardware and software function in perfect unison, creating a new generation of iPhone that’s better by any measure. The iPhone 6 is what Bassem Masri calls weapon.

While watching a live stream I hear the photographers say, “We need to go where the action is. We need more vivid shots.”

Woman in Ferguson screams “everyone here is so goddam quiet. why is everyone so quiet?” the silence is tense, of course, it is like an orb it is like a dance before sides have touched it is the nothing, it is possibility. it is the quiet when you wake and the ground is covered in snow and everything has changed; but there is still the quiet.

There is an oscillating ping on the police scanner in St. Louis. It’s like aliens are watching this or are they in control of this? Everyone is saying that is the only way any of this would make sense, which is saying racism doesn’t make sense, which it doesn’t.

in the end this is about nothing: we saw nothing, we knew nothing.
michael brown carried nothing.

Most popular chant at rally in Northampton, MA: “No justice, no peace, no racist police”. I enjoyed saying this while looking at a police officer whose eyes could only look downwards. Later, in Ferguson, they say: “WE’RE HERE- WE’RE SCARED- BUT WE DON’T GIVE A FUCK.”

Mokabe’s seems to be a safe space for many protestors. After tear gas, I saw two live cams run into the coffee shop and rush down three flights of stairs. All I could hear was people crying, coughing, choking. A fog filled space. Medical volunteers cleaned eyes out. Others complemented the individuals live streaming on their technology. People were saying the police threw tear gas into Mokabe’s. Today I look at their Facebook page and see a photo of two white employees wearing a shirt that reads “RACE TRAITOR.” I click on the right arrow and see a photo of a lemon meringue pie bar.

crush the serpent only with the heel of your foot

This text was compiled through live streams, tweets, googles, texts, and live encounters since the failure to indict Darren Wilson after the shooting of unarmed teenager, Michael Brown.

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