MISFIT DOC: Black Goose Horoscopes

Aries:  That which you seek may not be found in a book, unless you are the narrator.

Taurus:  Take the black goose with one red eye and one white eye, out for pancakes and good fortune will follow.

Gemini:  In the absence of spice in your life, go to town decorating with confetti.

Cancer:  Know your place is in the center of the world, near Phoenix.

Leo:  You will receive a message from a stranger about a lost animal with your name.

Virgo:  Learn how to control the weather through dance, and you can save our planet.

Libra:  Remember the Lusitania, and other forgotten propaganda so you will never be tricked again.

Scorpio:  Choose life or choose death, don’t dilly-dally in-between.

Sagittarius:  Your mate is made of one hundred snakes. You are made of one hundred pigeons.

Capricorn:  At the fork in the road, choose the desolate way. The path of least resistance and tequila will not heal you.

Aquarius:  Be the fool on the hill and the king of the snails.

Pisces:  The stars see you wearing a new hat. They also see pancakes, enjoy.


Sharon Suzuki-Martinez’s first book, The Way of All Flux, won the New Rivers Press MVP Poetry Prize for 2010. Her work has recently appeared in Gargoyle, South Dakota Review, Dusie, Okay Donkey,and elsewhere. She grew up in Hawaii, and now lives and looks for bugs in Arizona.

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