Torpid Slivers #40

As a Red Terrapisck (Loricatorsiti varstullus) can be tamed and trained by means of its taste for human perspiration, it follows that the “were-terrapisks” of legend are usually portrayed as people who brought about their enchantment by drinking copious amounts of their own sweat. The urban legend of Rotuveldt “Red” Hubausch states that he became a were-terrapisk after subsiding on his own moisture for two hot days while locked in a closet. Hubausch was in reality an assistant to the music-hall clown and terrapisk wrangler Willy Tuscato, whose abusive nature likely inspired the closet story. The name Hubausch to this day denotes the saltiest liquorice bonbon* sold at Buphelleruck’s Confectionery in downtown Ellubecque.


*Now available to vapers as an e-juice.

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