Spring 2019 Poets at Queen Mob’s Teahouse

Editor’s Note: A list with author name, date of publication, poem titles, and links to poems of poets appearing in Queen Mob’s Teahouse during Spring 2019.

Jolly, Tess – 20 Jun 19: “Miss”; “Sally”; “Christingle”; “Nancy’s Townhouse”; “Constance”; “Unnamed – I”: https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/06/poems-tess-jolly-2/

Harris, Paula – 18 Jun 19: “trying to teach my ex how to take care of this house”; “the person you love is dead”; “Dear Tinder guy, if you’re going to be a creep, then at least be a mass murderer”; “a wolf named Naya became the first wolf on Belgian soil…”; “there are many different ways to say I love you.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/06/poems-paula-harris/

Goldwasser, Jake – 13 Jun 19: “The worst sex I ever had”; “Flying Fish”; “Above the Gowanus Canal.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/06/poems-jake-goldwasser/

Miles, Ezra – 11 Jun 19: “‘…And I mon waxë wod’.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/06/poem-ezra-miles/

Turner, Lizzy – 6 Jun 19: “Icon.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/06/poem-lizzy-turner/

Telling, Katy – 4 Jun 19: [Visual Poems] “Two”; “5 The Bony Fishes”; “I never at any point thought”; “Inspired”; “Voice.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/06/poems-visual-katy-telling/

Venema, Ashen – 30 May 19: “My Painter”; “Young in Sepia.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-photographs-ashen-venema/

Karlovic, Antonio – 28 May 19: “Waltzer”; “Black Hands”; “Poverty”; “The Summer I Shaved My Head”; “The Gun.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-antonio-karlovic/

Hannett, C. C. – 25 May 19: “high-queues.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-c-c-hannett/

Serea, Claudia – 21 May 19: “The clarinet”; “All the roads were smoldering”; “Preparing for winter.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-claudia-serea/

Akhtar, Sascha – 20 May 19: “Ejaculate As A Noun.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poem-sascha-akhtar/

Phelan, Nagmeh – 18 May 19: “The Last Cake”; “How We Age”; “The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-nagmeh-phelan/

Murphy, m/ryan – 16 May 19: “FOR A TIME IT COULD BE UGLY”: https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-m-ryan-murphy/

Gallo, Julian 14 – May 19: “Soul’s On Fire”; “Goodnight, Mary Magdalene”; “Burn”; “My Idea of Torture”; “The Mirror Reflects A Fractured Spirit”; “Rome”; “An Ashcan Burns At The Feet Of Christ”; “Oil”; “The Architecture Of Circles.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-lyrics-julian-gallo/

Sequeira, Jessica – 11 May 19: “Eastern Variations”; “Catch Me If You Can”; “My South.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-jessica-sequeira-2/

Umans, Linda – 9 May 19: “TIE-INS”; “Pony for my heart to ride”; “What’s in a rabbit”; “Zombie Drag.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-linda-umans/

Janeshek, Jessie – 7 May 19: “Bite the Bullet”; “Queen Bad Seed”; “I’d Be Safe and Warm if I Was in LA.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-jessie-janeshek/

Esser Slentz, Kristine – 6 May 19: “ceremonial of spouse”; “sex: guilty”; “fucking poem.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-kristine-esser-slentz/

Perez, Emily – 3 May 19: “My Husband’s Hands”; “My Son Is”; “Stolen Things: Part III”; “What if There was a Cat.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-emily-perez/

Regel, Hannah – 1 May 19: “Oliver Reed”; “Waiting for Dinner.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/05/poems-hannah-regel/

Valor, Eric – 29 Apr 19: “Iki & Etta”; “My Strings Sing for Renaissance”; “Still..Life..”; “Oblivion.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/04/poems-eric-valor/

Hightower, Nancy – 26 Apr 19: “The Awakening.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/04/poem-nancy-hightower/

Morrison, Sarah – 24 Apr 19: “Sexting a Famous Musician”; “Well-Read”; “Enquirer: ‘Courtney Love’s Lonely Final Days’”; “We Went To The Flea Market to Find Something Shabby Chic.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/04/poems-sarah-morrison/

Miller, Pete – 23 Apr 19:  “Birds of Night”; “Les at Lethe Orphanage”; “Poppies”; “Contracture.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/04/poems-pete-miller/

Amey, Yvonne – 22 Apr 19: “Crack and Cake.” https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/04/poem-yvonne-amey/

Sarkar, Debarati – 20 Apr 19: “Adrift”; “Derelict”; “let me walk home.”  https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/04/poems-debarati-sarkar/

NTP, Jax – 19 Apr 19: “how to pivot when you’re paralyzed”; “hysterectomy wanted”; “money is motive is immobility in bones.”  https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/04/poems-jax-ntp/

Saul-Zerby, Amy – 11 Apr 19: “TRUST THE PROCESS.”  https://queenmobs.wpengine.com/2019/04/poem-amy-saul-zerby/


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