Jeremy Fernando presents: ‘You Can’t Touch Me Now’ by Ugly in the Morning


With ‘You Can’t Touch Me Now’, Ugly in the Morning celebrates the strength & spirit of women and others who have faced discrimination. This is dedicated to everyone who has survived assault and bigotry

Ugly in The Morning are:
Pam Oei, David Baptista, Noel Ong, Clement Yang Xi, and Joseph Saleem

You Can’t Touch Me Now

Writer & Director: Ken Kwek
Director of Photography: Benjamin Ong
Editing: Olly Stothert
Costume Designer: Irin Lee
Hair & Makeup: Leong Lim and Grego Oh
Camera crew: Calvin Joseph, Phua Khairul, Fadly, and Zhen Jie Ho
CG:  Lim Ngo Hock and the good folks at Lights & Shadows
Colour grading by Infinite Frameworks



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