MISFIT DOC: Things in Hemingway’s Recently Recovered Stolen Suitcase

Apart From His Typescripts, Notes, and Carbon Copies


Pajamas with elephants on them

Fishing gear

Walking gear

Sitting gear

Kiehl’s beard grooming cream (scent: Manly)

Souvenir Eiffel Tower

Spare pens

Spare paper

Spare adjectives

Spare adverbs

Knife for opening a vein and bleeding on the page


Backup flask

Travel-sized hunting trophy

All six seasons of The Americans on DVD

Boxing gloves

List of story ideas, including “Something with a multi-dimensional woman in it?????” “Something without wild game in it????” and “Children’s book about FSF’s dick? Like he’s a character and has adventures????”

Matador cape (red, obvi)

Camera for taking pictures of moveable feasts

A bell that tolls

French-English dictionary

French letters (lots)


Backup cigarettes

Hallmark card for Gertrude Stein, detailing his stylistic debt to her

Dead pigeons

Big Mouth Billy Bass Singing Fish


Backup whiskey

Dog-eared book about polydactyl cats from Shakespeare and Company

Unread self-help book on how to not treat women like garbage

Several Cosmo sex quizzes


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