12.5 Review of Thomas Moore’s When People Die

  1. When People Die is the title of this collection by Thomas Moore and it’s got a torn photo of a (seemingly) dead kid on the front. So I guess you can’t say you don’t know what you are getting into.
  2. He picks the guy up

From the side street

In the Marais

Some confusion

But after a blur

We’re on the

Metro to Les Halles

And within

Twenty minutes

It’s happening

I hate myself for

Being there

As well as a million

Other reasons that

Aren’t connected to now

I’m filming on his iPhone

That feels sweaty

And I zoom in

For the close ups

He has asked for

His aging face pushed

Into the boy’s crotch

His tongue looks huge

It makes me think of Freddy Kruger

Coming out of a phone

To scare Nancy

The whole thing

Is done

Within an hour

Technically at least

But in other ways

I know this will

Stick around

Much longer

(pp. 19&20)

  1. The lines in this book are coated in pain and sanded down with anguish.
  2. Colorized (but not sanitized).
  3. I like the way this unspools a long and obsessional line of thought like a diary entry in heat. The dangers and the awkwardness of early forays into love, relationships and sex are on display here in harsh neon.
  4. There is one boy that’s left

His eyes are pretty much gone

The day forgot him (pg. 37)

  1. The immediacy of the language, the starkness and naked imagery trace an on-again, off-again relationship fraught with lust and obsession both in this world and the virtual.
  2. Don’t ask me why, but I think this is fitting.
  3. This value of this poetry is in its willingness to take risks and, although one could no doubt point to precursors, this language is very much contemporary.
  4. Old men covet you

You’re the most beautiful boy

But something is wrong (pg. 69)
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