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1 In The Centaur Chronicles, Suhit Kelkar tells the life story of a centaur through descriptive titles and tight stanzas.


Make no assumptions, please,

that I am a horse trapped

in the body of a muscleman,


Backing out of him.

Nor am I a man emerging

from the forequarters


of a magnificent stallion.

3 It is at times light hearted and comedic, and also manages to wear its learning lightly.

4 Horseplay

5 Kelkar uses this mythical creature to delve into questions of identity and belonging:

I’ve worn the wounds of duels

In the forest of my youth

As if they were as light as rags;


As a captive, I never flinched

Under the princeling’s whip,

But slackened my pace to defy him;


What gets under a centaur’s

thick skin is not a wound,

But a word, or worse, a sneer.

6 You can buy it here and follow Mr. Kelkar here.

Photo by Brent Newhall (Flickr).

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