Jeremy Fernando presents: ‘Fame’ by Jaina Wilmer, ft. Paoi Wilmer

(Jaina Wilmer, ‘untitled’, 2016)



Fame sits on a Lane
Making a Flame,
The Flame catches a Pane
And burns the Lane.

— Jaina Wilmer, ft. Paoi Wilmer





Jaina Wilmer has been drawing and painting with her mummy since she was one. Her favourite medium at the moment is play doh. Her piece was first featured in the ‘babies: first steps‘ issue of One Imperative.

Paoi Wilmer completed her PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2003 and has since worked as a full-time lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages & Literature at National Taiwan University. Her publications include academic as well as creative writing, and in her free time she enjoys drawing and experimenting with digital art.

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