Poem: Goldie Negelev

Illo for Goldie Negelev's poem.

Unbuttoning my Shirt

I am your lover
look at my neck
how absolutely unsoft
I will always be. Regardless, we are alive.
The thick whites of my eyes
watch you say something.
Let’s go to the internet
& click on all the links
when I give myself up
it swallows me. But I am always
looking to escape.
Let’s go to the museum so I can close my eyes.
But I am bothered because
I cannot find my mother
in any of these naked women
it makes me sad how they do not blink
I am so alone with them
their tiny futures flatten me
the museum is a horrible place
and the internet is no way to live
Goldie Negelev is a poet from Oakland, California. Their work has appeared or is forthcoming in Cosmonauts Avenue, Powder Keg Magazine, Metatron, Reality Beach and elsewhere.

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