[#]This hashtag means nothing

Dedicated to the ideas of Thomas Walton, channeling Keats, but not with permission of either to publish this channeling. In other words, this post means as much nothing as intended.

#nc17poem 1 a leg I hopped like grasshoppers floating between fence posts and flames (burnt forest) sang our history

#nc17poem 2 spools of women and the allies too noticing discarded signs anyone can continue the skies continue blue

#nc17poem 3 it isn’t near give the face a lift with your hands cupped round mallets made of stone

#nc17poem 4 exquisite in this lighting moon in retrograde human in reprimand missing our warmth missing her flesh’s heat

#nc17poem 5 a courtroom of machinegun fire fires out fire alighted like fire or flame old wrinkles are charred

#nc17poem 6 new ideas opened the poem opened like a mouth like a gaze this world’s walk on stilts

#nc17poem 7 path to tomorrow gold-ifided together march and march and march more it is the time of birds

#nc17poem 8 apply the makeup and scream long into the phone like we’re sitting spitting at glass once more

#nc17poem 9 am touching hands touching his hand the puppy smiles think of words that don’t exist like “cubescent”

#nc17poem 10 and love is matched with hate thus thorough the orange dictator spawning microcosmic microaggressions under moon color

#nc17poem 11 and what is love saying this amidst fields existing in a childhood chromatic AF after all phosphorescence

#nc17poem 12 in plastering your walls the deadest black men your own braided dread that you haven’t done enough

#nc17poem 13 pills upon pills swallowed age demanding ultra humanism we defend with ultra robotic consumption

#nc17poem 14 bringing bucketfuls of fear that we are irreverent always will remain it the white privilege consumes extinguishes

#nc17poem 15 those damnations of mortar roar and tourniquet bloodstains removal of false vocabulary incisors carved like mud bootprint

#nc17poem 16 except in this coffee which exists in have which damn well feels like a garden path (weeds)

#nc17poem 17 swept up through undertow abrupt in black hoods stuttered in white hoods red sheath emerging from pockets

#nc17poem 18 arrangement of market chaos and molecular chaos finely we don’t think about micro-cosmological enough now or sewage

#nc17poem 19 haven’t done the reading haven’t cooked the meat haven’t severed my meat from any of these limbs

#nc17poem 20 escape velocity nice tomb nice bomb before prom prompt action a lingering simple phantom limb syndrome huh

#nc17poem 21 eruption is what’s called climate change is angry I beam at you man I just keep beaming

#nc17poem 22 the blackberries in my freezer certainly contain frozen bugs think of life then all one big freeze

#nc17poem 23 androids could become hard and could cum harder if only we knew who was really who arousing

#nc17poem 24 the street a layer of sin below ice or at least verge and converging my feet slip

#nc17poem 25 no voice but here in the sordid lack the void the pit in the in the pronouncement

#nc17poem 26 I will remember gray and her being graceful and someone says “Grey,” it’s not my name: Tabled

#nc17poem 27 Touch the political season with a knifeblade opened the skin of discourse ripe for a piercing again

#nc17poem 28 Not stream of consciousness instead more like river a raging water gorge of knowing and known Gone

#nc17poem 29 His golden hair angry and thus makes me feel anger in libraries gotta toughen up boy Man

#nc17poem 30 Keep pushing forward eh And you will breathe And life will pass And prevent some suffering Greg

#nc17poem 31 So: Ganesha in the box Altoids in the tin Spray in the bottle Pages in the book

#nc17poem 32 gray hoodie boy standing and now justice decapitaton and the presence of sobriety amidst cavern of books

#nc17poem 33 how is it that the voiceless have voices that become hollow as after effect lack of intention

#nc17poem 34 swarm of bluest birds undead like bullets untrue like crawling and so we fly drive to death

#nc17poem 35 exacto mundo exacto blade exacto lathe and then exactly we lather no common sense in this void

#nc17poem 36 anxiety is as exaltation is as re anything my fingers causing needs beyond any vision slight puke

#nc17poem 37 my hands blotchy from cold or robotic from being too human the man outside isn’t there either

#nc17poem 38 new ghost lines crash cruise ship never did it never fell in love with climate denial more puke

#nc17poem 39 it could have looked like a book but instead evil ads float through the air breathed in

#nc17poem 40 I would like to travel beyond where I’ve traveled before and the greatest constraints acknowledge like prayers

#nc17poem 41 counting like drum beats the one two three four five my mind opening up like a pit

#nc17poem 42 what if I forget the number and then forget to breathe and then forget to say hello

#nc17poem 43 goodbye would be the hardest but it has been the hardest so cheating is hacking into trees

#nc17poem 44 the gift of the prompt like a bundle of rubber or cluster of metal upon the desk

#nc17poem 45 she says i’m awake and i look at the glitter of my new understanding a lit fuse!

#nc17poem 46 as if there could be more intensity and as if there could be dancing instead spinning floating

#nc17poem 47 an odd arrangement Taoism Confucianism Antiism Predictable Dyslexia Amnesia Oak tree shadows cowering and covering before you

#nc17poem 48 dreaming of curry but really coconut but really oil but really heat but really light anything but

#nc17poem 49 we think of immigrants as data and then I think of we as other weeds on fence

#nc17poem 50 erupting like holes we dig we did but not me: Aaron versus trees we discuss over beer

#nc17poem 51 the calmest narratives the most harrowing with no consumption just subsistence empty aisles lonely beds bones pressing

#nc17poem 52 let us walk these empty streets we have imagined for years the horrible we can’t leave behind

#nc17poem 53 squalid and pi day hollow it comes like a cat’s pay to face whisker is too visible

#nc17poem 54 shit on the side corners boxes or rooms and the cleanliest place doesn’t exist islands open up

#nc17poem 55 i scratch my head but no flakes lemon meringue with the hair twist cream solidified like landfills

#nc17poem 56 attempt to decipher and defuse a situation that has become coded several steps ahead like chess ugliness

#nc17poem 57 in another reality that’s slightly nicer it’s me dancing but here it’s me with a headache angry

#nc17poem 58 I dream of Seattle across the water grinding grinding ground like a hog like a dead hog

#nc17poem 59 I yawn and I am a dragon getting ready fire in the form of illness and exhaustion

#nc17poem 60 it could come in any space the way the carpet presses downwards a joint or adjoined and societal toupee

#nc17poem 61 open up your belief system I imagine Yoko Ono mentioning before going to sleep with corpsed husband

#nc17poem 62 every space we could drive we do and every space we could thrive marrow consumed a bust

this post pic means nothing

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