Jeremy Fernando presents: ‘Sunpesh’ by ARE


ARE is an independent sound project and art rock band based in Singapore by Frank and Lily. The duo invites the Listener to psych-art arrangements that sway between loud guitars, colourful electronics, and lyrical tales in impossible time. They have performed and recorded in Japan and Singapore, from a museum to an abandoned house.

Following the noise-driven early 2017 LP, The Circolusion Will Be Serialized, they have since embarked on Cannonball, an album based upon a film to be shot on tour. Recorded with toy synths and analogue tape decks, Canonball is a whirling blend of melodic psychedelia and grainy electronics. It is an exploration into presenting and creating work in unreality upon lines of sound and picture compositions.

Amongst other places, ARE’s work can be found here:¬†

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