Whip Zine, It Good

Queen Mob is pleased to present the following excerpts from WHIP Zine, a new zine of political cartoons illustrated entirely by women, with several pieces of writings too. In the words of editor and founder, Ella Bucknall:

If you were to browse a list of the political cartoonists who regularly contribute to mainstream publications in the UK, you may well have reason to believe that women are about as good at satire as Diane Abbott is at maths. But these figures evidently don’t tally with the many women who are talented, funny, clever, and political. The lack of popular female political cartoonists is just a symptom of a society in which women are marginalised from the political sphere. Although as I write this (!) our Prime Minister is a woman, only 9% of United Nation countries have women presidents or prime ministers. As it stands, political cartooning is just one all boys club scoffing at another all boys club. It is necessary that women have a share in every political conversation because so much political action directly and often negatively affects us as a group. So, WHIP is here to act as a figurative parliamentary whip, ensuring our party’s voice is heard, while also whipping parliament into shape. I am so proud of what we have produced and I hope it rouses and amuses in equal measure.

Issue #1 can be brought hereWhip Zine can be found on Twitter @WhipZine.

Anna Millais

Rebecca Watson

Alice Skinner

Ella Bucknall

Frank Hamilton

Holly Gorne




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