Mooch big man now Mooch honk lines to match

had a breakdown and i cum back and there are all these new celebrities I’m meant to know who the fuck they are and theres this one called like scaramooch and he does the job that guy who looked like the woman who shits in the sink in bridesmaids is called and the rumours are that he does loads of drugs like probably prescription stuff but definitely some kind of stimulant and when he speaks he copies the hand gestures and vocal patterns of like president fart who i honestly like thought wasn’t really american president and id just like hallucinated it while i was having this like complete mental collapse but it is real he is king of america and then this new guy is the guy who speaks to newspapers and stuff for him only he doesn’t like speaking to newspapers because he doesn’t like them and he doesn’t like his colleagues and he keeps shouting at them and calling them fucking cretins or something i don’t remember the exact words because AS I SAID I’ve had a breakdown and now all the celebrities are different and this one is funny because he’s a white male dick in a position of power lololololol but what’s funny is that he’s called the mooch and he’s into uppers and he takes them before he screams at his like employees and at the press and its bad because people should speak to the press and trust that the politicians and the press are doing good things and working together bye bye have no more time

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