Two Poems By Charles Theonia


He dreams at the center of a closed system Like the prison system, or a system of love, Where folktale, recipe, and household custom Refer back to the maze that they are of. – Thom Gunn

The state is heavily invested in people believing that abolition is a faraway dream, but prisons and jails being demolished and “life right now” aren’t two separate things – they’re part of one person’s whole life… There’s a lot invested in us not connecting with each other. – Reina Gossett


We are trying

to understand empathy

which is not perfect

and will not make us

treat each other right

but might unsettle us.

We want to know why it is

frightening for the listener

to feel the pain of another

why the more unbearable

our reality the more

we justify it continuing

and my student says Oh

I get it, it’s like prisons:

We’re so afraid of being

put in prison we make

reasons why other people

belong there and not us.

We don’t want to think

that we could end up

there with them. If they

belong there then we

are safe.




about boredom about anxiety about mustiness about biting into an apple and your gums bleeding into the flesh about the cobwebs you can’t see until someone comes over about ruminating about being needy about just plain needing about buying organic food on your EBT about being poor and buying anything about the lemons molding until they implode into a spore cloud about not texting back about thinking you might want to be monogamous about letting her throw open your door and start right in yelling at you about flaking about leaving it too long about not wanting to hug about not wanting children about not even wanting your friends to have children about being unworldly about saying out loud that you seCRETed something away instead of SEcreted about not reaching out when you knew they weren’t ok about clumsiness about blurting about paranoia about how when listening you focus too much on what your face is doing and not enough on what they’re saying about not speaking up about not liking yourself about liking yourself ok about overwatering the plants and they got root rot about trembling when you’re upset like you’ll collapse into your constituent parts at any second about avoiding phone calls about avoiding confrontation about avoiding eye contact about everything you’ve overlooked about nostalgia about clutter about bad taste about old pictures of yourself in another gender about fear about how you know you’re wrong but now you’re doubling down and you’ll say anything as long as you don’t have to admit it about the way things turned out about bitterness about still not letting it go


Charles Theonia is a poet and teacher from Brooklyn. They are the author of poetry collection Which One Is the Bridge and a co-editor of Femmescapes, a zine of queer and trans affinities with femmeness.

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